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If you are interested in requesting a piece of artwork from me, here is a good place to start! Fill out the form below to make your request. I will then reach out to you for further discussion. Standard deposit before work will begin is 25-50% of the agreed upon price.

If you are more interested in a more economical sketch commission, please visit my store page here.

Terms and Conditions:
Each custom commission comes with free progress sketches to ensure satisfaction. If your painting arrives damaged or bent, please contact me immediately. Each painting is custom to you so all return requests will be politely declined. I post the pieces as examples on my website and social media websites (I will tag your name if you have one). I retain copyright and ownership over the rights to all artwork. If you want to reproduce the image (prints, t-shirts, buttons, etc) I require a licensing payment for the rights to reproduce, and will make you sign a legal contract. More information about that can be discussed via my direct contact page. Sharing your custom painting on social media platforms is totally allowed and encouraged, please tag me @carrieleblancart on Instagram/Facebook, or @carrierleblanc on Twitter.

Price Range

Size (inches) Detailed Painterly
5x5 $40 $35
5x7 $50 $40
6x8 $65 $52
8x8 $80 $64
8x10 $100 $80
10x10 $125 $100
9x12 $155 $125
12x12 $195 $155
11x14 $245 $200
14x14 $310 $250
16x20 $380 $310
20x20 $475 $380

Please complete the form below

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Choose which medium you would like your painting to be.
Choose what surface you would like your artwork on.
Choose whether you would like the style of the painting to be loose and painterly, or more detailed and realistic. If you can't decide or don't have a preference, choose artist's choice.
Choose whether you would like a realistic color pallet, an abstract colorful pallet, or simply black and white; if you can't decide or don't have a preference, choose artist's choice.
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